At The Learning Center, we believe that making your child feel loved is just as important as anything else we do. It helps them feel confident and engaged as they struggle to meet developmental milestones and learn new skills. 

Children succeed when they feel happy, carefree, comfortable, and cared for. That’s why we provide a daylong atmosphere filled with tender loving care (TLC.) 

Making your child feel loved

We staff each of our schools with knowledgeable, experienced teachers and caregivers. They approach each day with dedication, kindness, and patience. They maintain a reserve of energy and inspiration to create moments that help your child feel loved throughout the day.

We give each child a warm, calming welcome

If you’re like many families, you spend an hour or two rushing each morning. Of course, you have no time to slow down. Isn’t that why they call it “rush hour?” 

Unfortunately, while you’re feeling the stress of your hurried pace, your child is feeling it too. That’s why welcoming your child is a big deal. We meet them at the door and offer a warm greeting and a smile. We help your child wind down and ease into their day.

We treat your child like a member of our family 

We know that we can’t take your family’s place, but we can provide an extensive, family-friendly atmosphere. We’ve established a wholesome, caring environment where we work together, play together, and we have fun together all day long. 

If our young students disagree, we talk, listen, resolve the problem, and move on with our day. Like families do.

We keep your child safe and secure

When children feel safe and secure, they’re less distracted by the outside world and more involved with their learning experiences. That’s why we take steps to provide a safe, secure environment where children feel nurtured and cared for. 

Our teachers talk to our students to comfort them and ease real or imagined fears. Each of our schools is gated with a keypad entry system. Security cameras track activities in our playgrounds and shared spaces.

We get to know your child

We don’t simply teach our young students; we get to know them. We offer daily encouragement, inspiration, and emotional support, and we listen to everything they have to say. 

We understand that each child comes to us from a unique experience that makes them who they are. Therefore, we seek to understand each child, their families, culture, likes, and dislikes. This process gives us insight that helps us make your child feel loved, happy, and unique.

We welcome families

We like the idea of being one big happy family. When we include parents and family members in our activities, it gives your child a chance to be the center of the family’s attention. 

Our Open Door Policy encourages parental visits. We schedule special family events to strengthen family communication and interaction. We also invite parents to participate as volunteers or chaperones. 

Contact The Learning Center 

We invite you to learn more about our education and daycare programs. Contact us to arrange a visit at one of our locations in South Windsor, Windsor, and Manchester Connecticut. 

For more information, complete our online contact form or call us at one of the locations listed on our Contact Page.