Day care is important to your child’s early development. Your child needs the quality early learning programs you’ll find at The Learning Center in Manchester. We believe that we operate the best day care center near Bolton CT. Our staff works hard to provide exemplary learning experiences. We’re proud that so many parents allow us to play a role in their children’s early education.

Our day care center provides a clean, safe, secure, and caring environment. Also, our teachers and care providers present quality educational experiences and inventive activities. And finally, our programs follow creative curricula that motivate and educate students from infancy through fifth grade!

Our Day Care Staff

At the Learning Center, we put you and your child first. We set high early education standards. All of our teachers must meet our quality requirements.

  • Strong educational credentials
  • Solid employment history
  • Caring and Compassionate
  • Insured and licensed by the State of CT
  • CPR and First Aid certified
  • Background check compliant

Our Programs Provide Quality Early Education

Our day care center near Bolton CT offers inspirational programs that focus on early learning and development. Each education level helps your child build on previously learned knowledge and learn new skills. We provide experiences that help children learn through play. Children at all levels engage in music, arts and crafts, and developmentally appropriate educational adventures.

Infant Day Care

The infant program at our day care center focuses on early education and development. We provide a variety of activities that help your young child reach recommended milestones and developmental goals.


We help your toddler develop the skills they’ll use as they advance to preschool and beyond. Our programs offer age-appropriate educational encounters. We encourage movement, arts and crafts, music, and activities that promote learning through play.


The preschool curriculum in our day care center addresses your child’s evolving educational needs. We provide activities that prepare your child for a more formal school experience. Your preschooler increases and develops essential learning behaviors and skills. Our curriculum includes academic basics. We also focus on reading, communication, social interaction, and creativity.

Kindergarten Readiness

Our kindergarten readiness program helps your child make a smooth transition to elementary school. Your child builds on existing knowledge and adds new skills. Our curriculum includes basics in reading, math, and science. We provide challenging educational opportunities that implement play, music, communication, creativity, and other unique activities.


Our day care center near Bolton offers before school and after school care. Our new kindergarten students find comfort in our warm, caring environment. Returning students interact with familiar teachers and spaces. We also hold classes when school closes due to weather, teacher in-service days, or other situations.

School-Age Children

First through fifth-graders enjoy before and after school programs at our day care center near Bolton CT. Your child remains active and engaged with academic enrichment, arts and crafts, and other activities. We’re available on days when schools are closed but parents must work.

Social Interaction for Children

Transportation for Day Care Center Near Bolton CT

If your child doesn’t have access to local school transportation, we provide transportation between the school and our location.

Day Care Center Near Bolton CT

For more information about our day care center near Bolton CT, complete our contact form or call our Manchester location at (860) 643-8639.

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