The Learning Center is a Licensed Daycare Center. It takes a lot of preparation, planning, and regulatory compliance to earn that designation.

Before we opened our doors as a licensed daycare center for the first time, we had to comply with the Department of Public Health guidelines, state regulations, and Connecticut General Statutes, §19a. The licensing process is complex. It begins when we submit our application to become a “childcare center.”

Application Process

At least 60 days before we were operating as a licensed daycare center, TLC submitted an application to the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood, Legal Division. The process also required that we submit a copy of our application to the local health department. Our application included documentation to prove these and other requirements.

  • Meet the definition of a “Child Care Center” as defined by Connecticut CGA, §19a-77
  • Document the intent to provide childcare services to more than 12 unrelated children outside of their homes
  • Provide a current Fire Marshall’s certificate verifying compliance with zoning, building codes, and local health ordinances
  • Project proposed capacity and the ages of children to be served
  • Provide days and hours of operations
  • Show proof of criminal checks and State Child Abuse Registry checks for administrators and employees.
  • Submit a supplemental application for infants and toddler programs.
  • Provide additional documentation as listed on the application

The process requires that each daycare center pay an initial application fee. After our initial approval as a licensed daycare center, we must reapply and pay a renewal fee every four years.


At TLC, our administrators comply with required licensed daycare center regulations and statutes. Administrators are responsible for overall daycare facility management and operations. They must ensure that TLC staff meets the appropriate qualifications.

A licensed daycare center administrator must also establish an organizational chart and provide written descriptions of each staff member’s duties and responsibilities. The administrator also has ultimate responsibility for every child in a licensed daycare center facility.

Child Protection

Connecticut regulations and statutes require that each licensed daycare center applicant meet the “…health, educational and social needs…” of their students. They also require that each licensed daycare center maintain standards to ensure a safe environment. At TLC we include required and voluntary health and safety initiatives in our everyday operations.

Our staff follows stringent health and safety guidelines for vaccination compliance, child-related illnesses, and emergency medical training. We set high safety standards, maintain a clean environment, and comply with potentially hazardous substance restrictions.

We keep our staff compliant with criminal and background checks and other requirements. As an added safety precaution, we maintain a gated system with keypad entry at each location.


As a licensed daycare facility, we hire must enough staff to maintain the required staff-to-student ratio. We also make sure that each staff member has the qualities to care for and work with children, parents, and other adults.

We ensure that our staff includes employees who are certified in CPR by the American Red Cross and other safety organizations. For each staff member or prospective staff member, we maintain a personnel folder of additionally required documentation.

  • Verification of professional history and development.
  • Proof that fingerprint cards were forwarded to the State Police Bureau of Identification
  • Proof of an FBI criminal records check
  • Medical history documentation
  • State Child Abuse Registry check

Daycare Center Building

Our licensed daycare center complies with state “Physical Plant” guidelines. These establish requirements for building construction and maintenance. It also sets rules for interior and exterior layout and spacing.

  • Properly maintained walkways
  • Obstruction-free exits and doorways
  • Unobstructed exterior access for emergency vehicles
  • Safety covers for electrical outlets
  • Appropriate window screening
  • Protective coverings for mirrors, windows, and glass doors
  • Separate storage areas for each child’s bedding and clothing
  • Public health code compliance: water, food service, sewage disposal
  • Guidelines for toilet and washing facilities
  • Guidelines for toilet room lighting and ventilation
  • Program room ventilation and temperature requirements
  • Protected storage areas for potentially hazardous substances

Unannounced Visits

The local health department monitors each licensed daycare center to ensure compliance with statutes and regulations. At least every two years, the health commissioner arrives, unannounced, to inspect our facility and monitor our compliance.

Contact The Learning Center

To learn more about our licensed daycare center and how we comply with state and local regulations, call us at (860) 643-8639.