Some of childhood’s best memories are made during summer as they get a much-needed break from structured lessons. Summer break may be a vacation for kids, but not so much for parents. For one, you still have to work and fulfill other commitments. And because school is out, you now need to find a suitable childcare option.

Whether you need childcare all through the summer or are looking for affordable options to fill in the gaps here and there, here’s a working parents’ guide to summer daycare in CT.

1. Hire a Summer Nanny

Hiring a summer nanny is an excellent option for those parents looking for convenient, personalized care. It’s also one of the few options that work well for younger kids. Your child gets to stay in a familiar environment where they receive one-on-one attention from an expert. 

Unfortunately, hiring a nanny doesn’t come cheap, so be sure to take advantage of the childcare tax breaks available to you. Also, it would help if you started searching for a summer nanny as early as possible. However, don’t wait until June because most nannies (especially the good ones) will already be taken by then.

2. Get a Summer Sitter

In summer, school is also out for older teens and college students, and they’ll be looking for ways to make an extra buck. Like nannies, they offer personalized care, albeit at more affordable rates. That said, babysitters rarely, if ever, work full-time. That’s the work of a nanny. As such, a summer sitter works for parents looking for flexible care for their kids. They can be available for several hours a day, many of which are also available in the evenings. 

3. Day Camps

Community programs such as the YMCA offer day camp opportunities during summer break. Depending on the program you choose, kids enjoy activities such as archery, swimming, sports, and even horseback riding. The advantage of such programs is the flexibility they offer. You can sign up for weekly adventure camps or even the whole summer. In addition, school-aged children thrive in the company of their peers, making this an excellent option for time-strapped parents.

4. Private Camps

Unbeknownst to many, many private schools offer summer daycare in CT, with options significantly reduced in price. These summer camps often focus more on fun and activity than the rigors of school learning. While programs often vary from school to school, you’ll likely have the flexibility of when your children can attend. So if you’re looking for a bit of exclusivity, this is the option for you. Your child will have tons of fun in an environment designed for growth and nurturing.

5. Regular Daycare

Daycare programs run throughout the year, except for national holidays in some cases. As such, you’re assured of finding a summer daycare in CT that provides your child with activities geared at developing their physical, cognitive, and emotional growth. Another advantage is the stability they offer your child. Children thrive on a regular schedule, providing them with the sense of safety they need to explore the world and satisfy their curiosities. It’s also great to meet other parents, arrange childcare swaps, and even play dates.

Tips for a Successful Summer Day Care Experience

Plan ahead and keep a calendar. That’s it! 

Finding quality summer daycare in CT requires a great deal of planning. Many camps start registration weeks or even months in advance, and some daycares may prioritize returning parents during the summer holidays. The key is finding a daycare option that provides quality and reliable care, age-appropriate activities, and many social interactions.

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