When it’s time to decide which daycare situation is best for your child, you have a lot to consider. One of the most important questions: “Should I choose daycare near me or find a location that’s closer to where I work?”

Choosing a daycare location is an important family decision. Both the “daycare near me” and the “daycare closer to your workplace” options have their advantages. Your decision ultimately depends on your family, your transportation arrangements, and your workplace circumstances. Here are several points to consider as you make your decision.

Who is responsible for drop-off/pick-up duties?

Whatever daycare location you choose, someone will spend a lot of time traveling from point A to Point B. If you or your spouse are primarily responsible, chose the location that’s the most convenient for you.

You shouldn’t choose a location based on grandparents or friends who only occasionally assist you with drop-offs and pick-ups. When you recruit others for transportation duty, explain the location and any distance challenges so they will know what to expect ahead of time.

How long is your commute?

When you’re traveling alone, a lengthy commute is usually difficult to endure. Long distances, heavy traffic, construction detours, and other commuting hassles are even worse with an unhappy toddler or a crying infant in the back seat. When the choice involves endless miles of parent and toddler stress, “daycare near me” is the most reasonable option.

Choosing the near me option, you must consider that it will take a while to get to your child if they get sick during the day. When you work in the city and your child remains in the suburbs, you must have a solid backup transportation plan.

Do your job duties include road trips or remote working?

Working doesn’t always mean sitting in one place all day long. If your work requires you to go to your company’s location some days and meet with clients or work from home on other days, “daycare near me” is probably your best solution.

Whether your daytime travels take you to an appointment 100 miles away or you work remotely from home all day long, your child will be close to home when it’s pick-up time.

Do you want to visit your child during the day?

It’s not easy to turn your infant or toddler over to someone else when you go to work. Daycare arrangements can feel less stressful when a child is close enough for a parent to visit during the day.

When your daycare center is close to your workplace, you can spend part of your lunch hour with your child, interact with teachers, volunteer, or simply observe classroom activities. You can also arrive for pick-ups sooner when your workday ends.

Does the location meet your quality standards?

Before you decide on a daycare location, you must make sure that the teachers, classroom environment, curriculum, and other important factors meet your child’s educational needs and your needs as well.

Talk to the staff and teachers to find out their ideas and philosophies. Ask about the facility’s security and safety guidelines. Find out what other parents think of the daycare center and check its online reviews for parental input.

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