Working. Parenting. Homeschooling. Who’s to say you can’t juggle it all?

The Covid-19 pandemic overhauled the working world, and more people are working from home than ever before. It also disrupted school routines, resulting in a substantial increase in remote working and homeschooling. As a result, many parents find themselves balancing work, family, and teaching responsibilities. 

Even if you’re a seasoned pro at working from home, adding homeschooling to your duties presents a whole new set of challenges. And there’s nothing wrong if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed. After all, balancing competing priorities can take a toll. 

Still, it’s entirely possible to handle both remote working and homeschooling. It will take some planning, organization, and a lot of patience, but it’s doable. So let’s look at how you can strike a balance between remote working and homeschooling.

Remote Working and Homeschooling Tips

1. Maximize Flexibility

The age-old adage is to keep a consistent schedule when working from home. While maintaining a schedule can provide structure for you and your child, distractions are inevitable. It’s better to weave some flexibility into your day to manage your time better. Remember, a schedule is rigid, whereas a routine orders an individual’s days with flexibility,

It’s also good to get a head start before everyone else is up early in the morning. So take this time to tackle high-stakes assignments that need your undivided attention and reserve less critical tasks for when distractions are likely to occur.

2. Synchronize Your Remote Working and Homeschooling Schedule

Time often feels short when you’re working and homeschooling. Therefore, keeping to your work schedule is essential to meet your deliverables on time. This way, you won’t find yourself working late into the night in an effort to catch up. 

Plus, you might want to have your kids working while you’re working. How well this works will depend on your child, how old they are, and how independent they are. If your child is younger, break up their schedule into manageable chunks, such as two-minute segments with a few quick checks. Keep in mind that it helps to embrace a relaxed homeschooling style. Make the most of what you can accomplish in the day and pick up the next day. 

3. Divide and Conquer

Let’s say you’re remote working and homeschooling with a partner; this brings a slew of opportunities. For example, you can divide your work and homeschooling schedules into shifts – one works while the other schools, and vice versa. Now, this is an excellent option for households with multiple kids. That said, it’s not possible for those remote working and homeschooling without a partner.

Again, there’s no hard and fast rule when homeschooling. It’s all about finding a system that works for you and your children. 

4. Create Designated Workspaces

Unfortunately, you’re not going to be as productive working from home with your child around. And this is why you should carve out designated workspaces for every person in your household. Your kids will love having their own “office space” to play and study, and you’ll be able to get some work done without distractions. 

But not everyone is lucky enough to have a dedicated workspace at home, so you might share the same workspace with your child. In this case, it helps to be creative. For instance, you can work at the dining table, and your child can have the living room. 

5. Make Time for Yourself

Whether it’s an early walk or late-night reading, set aside time for yourself, remember to give yourself lots of patience – and your kids even more. This way, you’ll be able to keep to the homeschool curriculum while managing your work duties. 

Also, enrolling your child in an early learning center could be the key to more productive workdays from home.

Remote Working and Homeschooling: A Guiding Hand with the Learning Center

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