The transition from the family setting into daycare can be a challenge for any child. Not only is your child with a new caregiver, but they’re also in an entirely new environment. For this reason, it’s essential to ensure that your toddler is happy at the daycare.

You can tell a good daycare center by how other parents talk about it and how friendly and welcoming the environment is. But just because other parents rave about it doesn’t necessarily mean your child enjoys their time there. Some children take to a daycare center relatively well, others take longer, and some may never settle properly.

So, how can you tell whether your child is settling in and happy in daycare? Here are some signs to look out for.

1. They’re Excited to Go to Daycare

Your child looking forward to daycare and excitedly going through their morning routine is a big deal. It means the care center is a safe space for them. While the transition period is never easy, most children can adjust to the new environment within the first few days. One sign to look out for is their being eager to get involved as soon as they arrive at the center or happy for you to leave.

Make sure to observe your child when you go to pick them up. Finding them deeply engrossed in some activity or other or laughing and playing is a positive sign that they’re happy at the daycare.¬†

2. They Can’t Stop Talking About Experiences

Do they have friends at daycare? Are they happy to talk about their day? Do they like their teachers?

Another way to tell that your child is happy at daycare is to observe how they talk about their peers or teachers if they’re old enough to communicate. You can also tell your child is forming an attachment to a staff member by how they react to them. It’s a good sign when they’re happy or enthusiastic to be around them.

3. They Have a Positive Body Language

Not all children are verbally expressive about their experiences, so reading their body language and other non-verbal cues is essential. Remember, their actions always send a message. For example, do they get uncomfortable and shrug their shoulders, or do they smile when you talk about daycare? Are they at ease, and is their breathing relaxed when you pick them up?

Children are pretty efficient non-verbal communicators. That’s why you should check for body language signals, as they’re an incredibly reliable indicator of their feelings.

4. They Want to Try Out New Things

Early childhood education exposes children to new experiences, people, and activities. As a result, you might notice some personality changes in your child as they learn and grow. For instance, they might want to try out new activities or play with different toys. In addition, when your child is happy at daycare, they will want to bring their daycare activities home. These actions show your kid is enjoying their time at the center.

Usually, your child’s behavior says it all. However, it’s also essential to look out for the negatives like constant crying or them not being willing to leave your side, even after a month of visiting the daycare. Remember, it can take time for a child to settle into a new environment, so give them plenty of time to adjust. However, those first few weeks or months at daycare are enough to inform you whether their experiences are positive or not.

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