First, as a conscientious parent, you want a daycare center with caring teachers and rich educational experiences. Childcare safety and health are critical issues as well. When you leave your child each day, you want to feel confident that the daycare center you choose will do their best to provide everything your child needs.

Secondly, at The Learning Center, we understand your desire to give your child the best early learning experience possible. That’s why we’re committed to treating your child as though he or she were our own. We provide access to well-trained educators, diligent care providers, comprehensive programs, and a healthy, safe, and secure environment.

Healthcare and Emergencies

We follow Connecticut’s and the Department of Public Health’s childcare safety guidelines to keep our young students safe from infectious diseases. Before a child participates in any TLC program, we require documentation of age-appropriate immunizations.

Above all, our teachers and care providers also have the required training and certifications to provide emergency services such as first aid, CPR, asthma interventions, and EPI pen injections for allergic reactions.

Cleaning and Sanitation

We maintain strict cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting standards in compliance with state childcare facility guidelines. To prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, our staff cleans and disinfects all work, play, diapering, bathroom, and sleep surfaces. We also enforce staff and child hand-washing guidelines and routines.

Each TLC location maintains state-approved cleaning, disinfecting, and laundering routines for bedding, utensils, and shared items such as infant and toddler toys and games. We use products that do the job without exposing young children to harsh chemical contaminants or residues.


Each TLC location has enough teachers and care providers to keep close watch over each child. We teach respectful behaviors and monitor children for safe peer interactions.

  • Promoting safe play and social habits.
  • Implementing safe infant sleeping practices.
  • Keeping work, play, and sleep areas hazard-free.
  • We comply with Connecticut guidelines for centers that include children of varying ages.
  • During offsite outings with older children, we work with volunteer parents and staff to make sure our activities are fun but also safe and incident-free.


We understand that security is important to you and your child, so each TLC campus incorporates tech-savvy security. Our systems include secure entryways with coded keypad access. We’ve placed cameras throughout each location to monitor children while they work, play, sleep, and interact in outdoor and indoor areas.

Employee Background Checks

Our schools comply with state hiring guidelines. Each TLC employee undergoes a rigorous interview, reference review, and background check process. We understand that it’s essential that the person who cares for your child is well qualified and presents no safety risks.

TLC is committed to Childcare Safety and Health

Contact us if you’d like to know more about The Learning Center’s commitment to childcare safety, health, and security. Complete our online contact form or call us at one of the locations listed on ourĀ Contact Page.