Everything your child knows or does begins with you, but at some point, every child needs more. You teach your child to walk and talk. You instill personal habits that help keep her healthy and safe. Also, you share valuable lessons and rules that she will carry throughout her lifetime. As your child grows older, she also needs organized early educational experiences to build a foundation for ongoing success.

Over this past year of isolation, you’ve provided as many educational experiences as you could fit into your busy life. For you and your child, early education is more important than ever. Early education programs build on your child’s home experiences. They provide an organized classroom environment with new opportunities for learning and growing.

Your child gets a jumpstart on developing math, reading, and other critical skills. By interacting with other children, she learns to socialize, play, and share. Early learning is important because it helps your child develop independence, confidence, social abilities, physical skills, and other capabilities that help her succeed.

Helping Young Brains Develop

Today’s educational researchers know more about brain function than in previous years. Also, they understand that a young child’s brain is highly responsive to learning, particularly during the first five years of life. Beyond that timeframe, children continue to learn but their brains aren’t as responsive as during its early development.

Your child needs touching, talking, visual stimuli, physical activities, and other experiences you and your family provide. Secondly, her brain also requires new knowledge to master and new hurdles to overcome. Finally, early educational encounters provide this diverse “input.” They help your child’s young brain develop and grow.

Social and Emotional Advantages

Children in early educational environments develop critical problem-solving, behavioral, emotional, and social abilities. They acquire these skills through classroom activities, organized and independent play, music and singing programs, and other daily activities. Research shows that these early educational experiences lead to a lifetime of higher self-esteem, greater self-control, and other important personal habits.

A Lifetime of Benefits

The First Five Years Fund believes that the early years of a child’s life affect them forever. That’s their way of stressing the lifetime importance of high-quality early education. The National Education Association calls early education, “…one of the best investments our country can make…” They believe it promotes these and other measurable educational outcomes.

  • Fewer “special needs” students
  • Students better prepared for future grades
  • Higher earning potential as adults

Peace of Mind for Parents

As a busy parent, you also benefit from access to quality early education programs. You have peace of mind when you know your child is in a safe, educationally rich environment. It’s exciting when your child shares daily lessons and experiences and presents positive results.

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