Children are born ready to learn. However, they are most able to learn when they feel comfortable in a stable, nurturing environment. Although the brain continues to develop and change well into adulthood, the early years of a child’s life lay the foundation for lifelong learning.

Ensuring your child gets the best daycare experience possible is essential. Here’s a list of what you need to review regarding your child’s developmental growth in daycare.

1. Increasing Independence

Young children aren’t expected to do everything on their own. But a little independence is vital. Children who attend daycare can improve their autonomy and independence, which can help reduce separation anxiety in children.

Daycare also helps develop social skills and positive self-esteem, which are crucial to developing a sense of independence. For example, you’ll notice that they want to do more things for themselves, like taking their shoes and jacket off, putting clothes in the laundry bin, and washing their hands. From birth, children are on a quest for independence. And this precisely shows their developmental growth in daycare. 

2. They’re Better at Solving Problems

A love of language, learning, and problem-solving starts and is reinforced in the home. Projects, which can include anything from; coloring to building legos, provide opportunities for children to improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

Reading to your child regularly is an effective way to determine their progress at daycare. Look at pictures together and see if they can recognize items and point out the words. Talk about what’s happening in the books and ask questions like “What is this?” and “What is she doing?” Discuss your child’s observations and thoughts, and you’ll soon notice an improvement in their problem-solving capabilities.

3. Your Child Is More Expressive

Is your child getting better at expressing herself? Kids learn and reinforce thinking skills by playing and probing their surroundings owing to their curiosity. A good daycare uses play to improve your child’s communication and language skills. 

Expressive kids can better communicate their thoughts and understand what others say. Of course, that doesn’t mean your child needs to speak in complete sentences, but their vocabulary is increasing, and they can express their feelings and needs more comprehensively.

4. Increasing Concentration

The ability to concentrate seems somewhat different in a preschooler vis-à-vis in older kids. It also differs from one child to another. As with all other developmental skills, it’s easier to build focus and concentration in the early years than later in life. 

You may notice that your child’s attention span is increasing slowly with time. This is because children benefit significantly from the learning games and activities at a quality daycare center. In addition, activities are typically limited to 10 or 20 minutes in a daycare center, helping them build the ability to focus and pay attention. Thus showing progress with their developmental growth in daycare.

5. Their Social Skills Are Improving

Childcare providers excel at modeling pro-social behavior that your child can observe and learn. 

Consistent play and socialization in early childhood have also been associated with higher levels of empathy and resilience. As such, you’ll notice that your child is better at sharing, taking turns, and even negotiating. In addition, play-based interactions are vital to strengthening interpersonal skills, resulting in improved social and language skills.

You may also notice that your child is more eager to go to daycare and make friends. They talk about his/her teacher and his/her friends more often and are excited to see them. 

About Learning in the Early Years

Children learn best by actively engaging with the environment and trying many different activities. From letters and sounds to colors, shapes, and numbers, your child’s days at daycare are full of fun and activity. For this reason, it’s important to review your child’s progress to ensure your daycare choice remains what is best for your child.

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