As a conscientious parent, you consider many factors before leaving your child with a daycare center. Like most families, you want more than a babysitter. You want your child to have early educational experiences, social interactions, development opportunities, and plenty of time to play. 

Of course, you think about daycare security too. It doesn’t matter if your child has quality early learning experiences if you spend all day worrying about their safety.

Daycare Security is Essential

The Connecticut Office of Early Learning and Childhood recognizes the need for educational standards, healthy surroundings, and safety and security in early learning environments. Connecticut regulations reinforce and promote these goals. 

  • Each center must comply with licensing guidelines and state regulations.
  • All staff must undergo comprehensive background checks and fingerprinting. 
  • Teachers and care providers must train to meet health and safety emergencies.
  • Daycare centers must maintain appropriate staff-to-student ratios to guarantee proper attention to education, care, and safety.

In addition to guidelines and regulations, the Connecticut Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security created the Child Emergency Preparedness Committee. The committee implements statewide strategic planning and guidance to manage children’s safety and security during emergencies. 

The Learning Center is Serious About Security 

At TLC, we understand that dedicated security efforts help minimize your stress about placing your child in a daycare environment. That’s why we comply with all state regulations and guidelines. We also take extra steps to ensure security at our early learning campuses.

Enhanced Background Checks

We ensure that our staff is qualified and contributes to a safe and secure environment. The Department of Children and Families runs a required background check and fingerprints every teacher and caregiver. We also confirm each staff member’s educational background and independently investigate their credentials.

Secure Entryways

Visitors to our locations must gain access through our secure entryways. We allow only authorized people to enter. Those with permission to visit our schools must input a security code into our keypad entry system. Cameras monitor each gate 24/7.

Cameras Provide Enhanced Security

While our staff remains watchful throughout the day, we also recognize the need for additional monitoring. Cameras add a critical layer to our security strategy. We can view and monitor all interior spaces, playgrounds, and outside areas.

Parental Input

We rely on parents to help us prevent personal security issues. Only those relatives you authorize have access to our school and your child. We release your child only to those parties you identify ahead of time. 

Contact The Learning Center

To learn more about our educational programs and security efforts, call us at (860) 643-8639. You may also leave a message on our contact form.