Are you looking for daycare in Manchester CT? Looking for the best daycare for your child could be an overwhelming experience, but it doesn’t need to be that way.

We’ve got all the information you’ll need to pick the best option for your family.

Types of Programs

Look at what different programs the daycare has available and find out where your child would be placed based on his age or needs. Types of programs differ from facility to facility.

At The Learning Center, we have six different programs that we’ve spent years developing to meet children’s needs and parents’ expectations.

1. Infants – We understand what infants need to grow and thrive. We will help your baby develop flexibility, movement, and other essential skills.

2. Toddlers – Our toddler program will give your young child the structure they need to overcome new physical and academic challenges. We promote both independent activities as well as socialization through group play and learning.

3. Preschool – In this program, we strengthen your child’s independence, social skills, creativity, and communication. We also build on previously introduced academic concepts such as reading, science, and math.

4. Kindergarten – We are here for your Kindergartener during teacher service days, early school releases, weather closings, and other times when schools are closed, but parents have to go to work. We provide classroom activities, outside play, and arts and crafts.

5. School Age – Just like the Kindergarten program, our School Age program is available during teacher service days, early school releases, weather closings, and other times when schools are closed, but parents have to go to work.

TLC is the only major daycare in Manchester CT to provide local school transportation when it is not available through your child’s local school.

6. Summer Camp – At our TLC Summer Camp, children enjoy field trips, pool visits, arts and crafts activities, cookouts, and fun activities all summer long. We also reinforce writing skills, science, and other academic activities. 

Start a Smart Search For Your Daycare in Manchester CT

Ask for recommendations from other parents like relatives, co-workers, and friends. You can even ask your pediatrician for recommendations for choosing a daycare in Manchester CT.

Don’t have any fellow parent friends to ask? Ask the parents also waiting in your OB-GYN or pediatrician’s waiting room, a mommy-and-me class, or even at the playground.

Schedule a Tour 

Once you have narrowed down your choices for your potential daycare in Manchester CT, schedule a tour and visit in person. It’s important to see the facility in person to make sure it suits your standards. Make sure you remember to trust your gut: If something doesn’t seem right to you or seems off, it probably isn’t right for your child, either.

Ask All the Right Questions

Think of specific questions to ask ahead of time before your tour. Writing down questions is important because it will help you focus in case you get overwhelmed with information during a daycare tour.

Here is a sample of questions to consider:

  • What is your center’s general childcare philosophy?

  • What are your rates?
  • Are all of your teachers and teacher aides first aid certified?
  • How often are all toys in the classroom sanitized?
  • What are your options/policies on meals?
    1. Do children bring their own food, or are meals provided?
    2. If food is provided, how often does the menu change?
    3. *This is also an excellent time to discuss any food sensitivities/allergies
  • What are your center’s discipline policies?
  • Are all children in the center required to have up to date immunizations?
  • What are your center’s potty-training practices/requirements?
  • Does the center offer a sibling discount?

Look Out for Cleanliness and Safety Practices

Parents should always take notice of the daycare’s cleanliness and child-proofing practices. Be sure you see teachers cleaning surfaces before and after meals as well as children being encouraged to wash their hands. Also, take note if bottles are being prepared under sanitary conditions.

Examine sockets, look out for exposed wires, check for any open windows, smoke detectors, clearly marked emergency exits, and fire extinguishers for safety.

A lack of classroom cleanliness and safety is a dangerous red flag for daycare quality.

Racial/Cultural Diversity

It is important for any and every child to see themselves represented in their setting. A high-quality daycare in Manchester CT should prioritize racial and cultural diversity through reading materials, lessons, staff, and/or other children in the classroom.

Age-Appropriate Activities and Curriculum

A top quality daycare should have information on their website regarding classroom curriculums to ensure lessons and planned activities are age-appropriate. During your tour, you can request to review organic classroom activity.

You can look at our different programs on our website for an in-depth look into each program’s curriculum, learning experience, and philosophies.

In addition to helping children learn to read, the daycare should include a daily storytime in its routine. Reading to children promotes trust and bonding, and research has found that reading age-appropriate storybooks to children is one of the most essential activities for developing the knowledge required for future success in reading.

Happy and Positive Child/Teacher Interactions

During a tour, observe the interactions between children and teachers/staff. Do the children generally seem happy? Do they feel comfortable enough to talk freely and openly with teachers and staff, or do they seem overly shy and timid?

Also, take note if the children appear bored or withdrawn. Child behavior is a significant and major indicator of classroom dynamics. 

This behavior could be a red flag for lack of stimulation or a negative environment.

A Structured Daily Routine

Children learn best through structure and repetition. This is why nursery rhymes are so beneficial and effective. A scheduled and structured routine is best to help children engage and understand their new setting, especially when it comes to daycare.

Along with sticking to and maintaining a schedule, the daily routine should be posted on the walls, as well as other child-friendly posters like classroom rules or steps to properly washing their hands.

Trust Your Gut

Every parent has that instinct where they sense when something doesn’t feel quite right. Your child deserves a daycare that promises and provides nurturing care in order to thrive. 

We hope you found this post helpful! If you are looking for a daycare in Manchester CT, contact us for more information and to schedule a tour. We would love to hear from you!