Infant Curriculum

  • Develop a bond between infant & caregiver
  • Talk/interact with infants
  • Make eye contact
  • Play & interactions with peers
Motor Development
  • Tummy time
  • Encourage infants to reach for objects
  • Provide ample room to develop mobility
  • Music & movement exercises
  • Identify noises and objects
  • Cause and effect exercises
  • Allow freedom to explore & discover
  • Sensory experiences
  • Reading books with infants
  • Talking with a soft/soothing voice
  • Identify objects within the surroundings
  • Singing Songs

A Nurturing Environment for Infants Ages 6 Weeks to 12 Months

When your family leave is over and it’s time to return to work, it’s difficult to leave your new infant behind. The change is a bit easier to manage when you’re comfortable with your infant care.

When you go to work each day, you need to know that you’re leaving your child with professionals who genuinely care about your child and you. You want to know that your care providers are keeping your child clean, well-fed, and as happy as an infant can be when they’re away from their family. You deserve to feel confident that your child will thrive, even when you’re not around.



Our Philosophy

We believe in educating the whole child - intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially

We Encourage play and exploration using age and developmentally appropriate activities which naturally stimulate a child's creative & cognitive awareness.

Since each child is an individual, we take into consideration unique developmental levels when planning activities.

Infant Care at The Learning Center

At The Learning Center, we’re pleased to welcome your infant into our nurturing environment. We understand that when there’s a change in a child’s care arrangement there’s a period of adjustment for everyone involved. The transition from home care to outside care can be trying for an infant and for the family that loves them.

As you and your child adjust to spending your days apart, we will interact with him or her and work to establish a caring relationship. We know that we can’t fill your shoes, but we’ll do our best to help your infant feel comfortable and secure.

Helping Your Growing Infant Meet Milestones

As young children grow and thrive, we encourage them to achieve age-appropriate milestones. We give growing infants plenty of floor space for tummy time. Our infant care providers encourage them to roll over, lift up their heads and reach out for colorful toys. These efforts help infants develop strength and flexibility to support early crawling and movement challenges. We communicate with parents about each child’s activities and efforts so they can maintain consistency at home.

Our Infant Care Program Guidelines

Our care providers work hard to keep infants happy. We believe that parents are critical to accomplishing this goal. We coordinate our efforts with families to minimize inconsistencies between an infant’s home and care environments. Our infant care guidelines help us keep your infant’s time with us running smoothly.

Parents must bring an adequate supply of diapers, wipes, and prepared meals.

We request that families provide written information on their infant’s schedule.

We appreciate communication and request feedback about The Learning Center and your child’s daily activities.

We invite parents to call or visit the school at any time to see how their infant is doing.

Learning Through Play

As in all of our programs, we encourage infants to learn through play, exploration, and other activities. Play is particularly important when motivating infants to achieve.

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