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When your child needs day care, you want a caring environment that focuses on early education. Our day care centers in South Windsor CT provide the quality experience your child needs. We offer programs for children from infancy to fifth grade. Our curricula includes opportunities for your child to build a foundation for their educational future.

The staff at our day cares in South Windsor CT work hard to provide the quality education your child deserves. Each teacher meets our rigorous standards.

  • Strong educational credentials and employment history
  • Insured and licensed by the State of CT
  • Certified in CPR and First Aid
  • Satisfies stringent background checks
  • Dedicated to quality early education

Activities, Adventures, and Experiences

Our day care centers in South Windsor CT provide clean, safe, and secure environments and dedicated care. We offer flexible programs for children from infancy to fifth grade. Our programs help your child build on prior academic lessons, learning through play, music, arts and crafts, and other age-appropriate adventures.

Infant Day Care

Our day cares in South Windsor CT welcome your infant into our caring environment. Every experience we provide considers your child’s health, safety, and development. We encourage educational, social, emotional, and physical growth. We help your infant reach early milestones and developmental goals.


Our toddler preschool readiness programs introduce your child to traditional school experiences. Our curriculum concentrates on personalized educational encounters. We encourage growth and learning through social interaction, academics, play, music, and other valuable learning experiences.


Preschool students in our day cares in South Windsor CT improve existing abilities and learn new skills. Your child builds on previously developed communication, social, and creative experiences. We help preschoolers increase their comfort level with reading, math, science, and other skills.

Kindergarten Readiness

Our day cares in South Windsor CT also offer a kindergarten readiness program. Your child participates in activities that continue their kindergarten preparation. We help students build on previously learned academic, social, and independent activities, and grow comfortable with group participation.


Our day cares in South Windsor CT provide a familiar space for kindergarteners to begin and end their day. We provide before-school and after-school activities to keep your child active and engaged. Our kindergarten programs offer independent and organized activities, academic lessons, and opportunities to interact and play with other children. We hold classes before and after school. Our kindergarten program is also available if your child’s school closes due to weather, teacher in-service days, and other occasions when parents must work.

School-Age Children

Our day care centers in South Windsor CT provide programs for first through fifth-grade students. We offer a safe environment for academic enrichment, arts and crafts, and other activities. School-age children can also participate in our programs when schools are closed but parents must work.

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Transportation for Day Care Centers in South Windsor CT

We furnish transportation between your child’s school and our kindergarten and school-age programs. We provide transport service if your child’s school doesn’t have a local transportation program.

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For more information about our day care centers in South Windsor CT, complete our online contact form or reach out to us by phone.

Ellington Road Center: (860) 282-8020


Pierce Road Center: (860) 648-2068