Pre-School Programs 3 Years To 5 Years

The Learning Center’s Preschool program offers a hands-on and developmentally appropriate experience for your child. Our goal is to ensure that a child has ample opportunity to initiate play, as this is how they learn best. We also strive to ensure that we are doing what is necessary to prepare your child for Kindergarten. Our program is designed to reinforce growth in this area through play and teacher-directed activities that are age appropriate. When a Preschool child is developmentally capable, we will move forward with a Kindergarten Readiness approach.

Our Preschool program o ffers the following learning experiences:

  • Enhancing a child’s social skills
  • Encouraging independence and strengthening self-help skills
  • Endless opportunities for creative expression
  • Language arts and writing development
  • Sensory exposure and motor development
  • Science, basic math, and discovery
  • Creating a love of literacy

*The Learning Center has an open door policy. A parent is welcome to visit or call the center at anytime. If required, a conference with a child’s teacher can be scheduled.

Our Philosophy

We believe in educating the whole child - intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially

We Encourage play and exploration using age and developmentally appropriate activities which naturally stimulate a child's creative & cognitive awareness.

Since each child is an individual, we take into consideration unique developmental levels when planning activities.

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