Kindergarten Readiness

The Learning Center - Goals for Preparing a Child for Kindergarten

The process of preparing a child to enter school starts with a strong foundation in all areas of development. The progression is continuous, beginning as early as infancy and continuing throughout the Preschool years. Our curriculum supports growth and success in all areas of child development from social and emotional maturity to physical, creative and cognitive development.

When preparing a child for Kindergarten our goal is to ensure that he/she is able to gather social and emotional skills, meet physical milestones, and develop cognitive awareness. We nurture self help and encourage the creative mind.

To learn more about our Kindergarten Readiness Program please download this form.

Kindergarten Readiness Program
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Our Philosophy

We believe in educating the whole child - intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially

We Encourage play and exploration using age and developmentally appropriate activities which naturally stimulate a child's creative & cognitive awareness.

Since each child is an individual, we take into consideration unique developmental levels when planning activities.

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