Please see some of our Frequently Asked Questions.

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A: Yes, all locations are licensed by the state Department of Public Health. We also meet all requirements for the local health and fire departments.
A: We are a year round program. We only close for six legal holidays – New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.
A: Yes, we do cooperate with the Care4Kids program.
A: At this time we are waiving all registration fees.
A: No, but we do cooperate with the Care4Kids program through the State of Connecticut.
A: Yes, we offer a three day schedule option with all of our programs.
A: The Learning Center has an open door policy. You are welcome at any time! We also encourage parent participation in the program.
A: The teacher to child ratio is 1 to 4 under the age of 3 and 1 to 10 over the age of three. Any classroom with children under the age of 3 may house up to eight children at a time. Any classroom with children over the age of 3 may house up to twenty children at a time.
A: Yes, all teachers hold current first aid and CPR certifications.
A: Yes. All individuals working in a childcare facility are required to undergo a criminal background check as well as a background check with the Department of Children and Families.
A: The tuition rates are determined by a child’s age and vary by location. Please contact the center directly for more detailed information.
A: All children age 3 and older attend field trips. There are separate fees associated with these field trips and are determined based on the admission cost as well as the rental cost of the school bus. School buses are used to transport children ages 3 to 5 to and from field trips. The Learning Center may also use our vans to transport children age 6 and older on field trips.
A: The Learning Center provides transportation to and from Manchester and South Windsor public schools for Kindergarten and School Age children only. Due to the school start times, the schools that we are able to transport to vary per town. Please contact the center for more information.
A: The Learning Center will send children home when a temperature of 101 degrees or higher is present. A child will need to remain home for up to 24 hours or until fever free.
A: We pride ourselves on having great employee longevity. Most of our veteran teachers have been with us for more than 10 years with a few employees approaching 15 and 20 years of employment.
A: The Learning Center provides a morning and afternoon snack with juice for each child. Families are responsible for providing breakfast (if applicable) and lunch for their child.
A: Our first priority is to consider the safety and well being of our employees, parents, and children. Although we do our best to remain open during the times of inclement weather, there are circumstances which force us to make the decision to close. If this is the event, we provide ample notice to all of our families.
A: We are certified to administer ONLY medications related to life threatening conditions. This includes treatments for asthma and the EPI pen for severe allergy reactions. We do not administer over the counter medications or prescriptions such as antibiotics.